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PC Disk Clone 11.2

PC Disk Clone X is a Windows Backup program that allows hard drive cloning
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PC Disk Clone X is an efficient application designed to let you make exact copies of your external and internal drives. This is extremely useful when you need to back up your system in order to migrate all your software tools and data to another computer, thus saving you the time it takes to reinstall all your favorite applications. The program supports all IDE, SATA, SCSI, USB, and Firewire interfaces.

The free version – reviewed here – is limited to cloning full disks, and it does so at an excellent speed (around 7 GB per minute, subject to your system’s limitations). The full version (or Professional Edition) comes with much other useful functionality, but that deserves a review of its own. I will only mention here that it allows you to back up specific partitions instead of just full drives, and that you can save your backups as images instead of requiring a target drive to clone your data.

The main aim of this software program is to provide you with a reliable means of replicating your drives, so that you can replace your computer in one single operation. When cloning your hard drive, you will be taking with you not only your beloved data and installed applications, but also your operating system. Thus, you will be able to start working in your new computer right away, using the exact same friendly environment that you had built in your old system.

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